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Linux often gets praised as the best operating system to code on given your total control over hardware. Unfortunately there seems to be little difference nowadays given most people use VS Code anyway after Microsoft killed of Atom – still, here are your options.
Of course this is just a selection – I couldn’t possibly mention everything.


A proper Open-Source fork of Visual Studio Code. Looks and feels the same, but without any telemetry to Microsoft. Unfortunately it also comes without access to Microsofts Extension Store – unless you manually add it back in.

Visual Studio Code

The IDE Microsoft established through its usual “Embrace – Extend – Extinguish” tactics. Basically the go-to after they bought github and killed off Atom – I’d recommend trying alternatives if you can.

Arduino Studio

The go-to IDE for your Arduino and any other small developer boards. Not much to say about it.

GNU Emacs

Emacs can basically do everything. Program in your niché language? Check. APIs? Probably too. Appease to the older generation? Absolutely.
Might also be used as game engine.

Android Studio

The standard Android development environment. Not much to say about it.


“A refactor of the Vim text editor designed to encourage new features, advanced UIs, and powerful extensions.”
Also supports extensions via Lua. If you don’t know how to close it, look at Vim.


Just Notepad++ for Linux. For small stuff, to quickly review things ecetera. Also works quite nice as general text reader.

DBeaver Community
(database tool)

Capable database tool that supports all kinds of formats like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, MS Access, Teradata, Firebird, Derby, etc.

(Proprietary) (API tool)

A complete toolchain for API developers, available on every major system.
The version available in the Software Store is a wrapper and not official, in case this bothers you.

(perhaps don’t use this)


Shift + :


(You’re welcome)

Text Pieces

Versatile text transformation tool. Can calculate hashes, encode and decode text, format json and xml, count all the things, convert json ↔ yaml and a lot more.

(API tool)

Use this to send HTTP requests to API endpoints and analyze the response. Supports syntax highlighting, custom POST data and more.


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