Alternative apps: Productivity Tools

General productivity tools I highly recommend to everyone to make your daily life or workflow easier. Even if it’s just to make your posts in social media look a little bit more polished – these are all very nice to haves.


Annotator is a handy tool to quickly add notes, magnifying glasses or blurred areas to your pictures. You can install it after adding the PPA below.


If you often got text files you quickly want to look through or the simple text editor of your distro sucks, Notepadqq got you covered.

Break Timer

Simple tool to track your computer usage and remind you to have some breaks.

Zorin / KDE Connect

A really awesome way to connect your Android smartphone with your computer. The companion app in the App Store (or preferably F-Droid) is always called “KDE Connect”.


An extremely simple and useful file transfer tool. Just send a file from one computer to another, no matter the size or network.


An advanced clipboard manager with scripting features and tabs to find content you copied a while ago quicker.


Simple and fast tool to look up reaction gifs from giphy.
Of course I’m a very productive person, why do you ask?


A capable PDF viewer and editor with text recognition capabilities.


Feature-rich dictionary lookup program supporting multiple formats and online dictionaries.


Share mouse and keyboard with other devices over the network. It “mimics the functionality of a KVM switch”. It’s a fork of Synergy 1.9 with the goal to stay simple and open.


If you can’t work with total silence around you or need a distraction from all the tumult around you, use Blanket. It offers different background noises you can tune in to enhance your concentration.

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