More: Terminal Basics (CLI Cheatsheet by FOSSwire)

If you get stranded in a terminal, get told to do something without any explanation how or just want to advance your skills in GNU/Linux (these are mostly GNU utilities after all), I can strongly recommend this cheatcheet made by Jacob Peddicord on I’ve added a few things below that you might need too.

TabulatorAutocomplete command, directory or file name
Tabulator 2xShow possible autocompletions if there are any
sudoPut in front of command to execute as root.
apt install <package>Install a system package or app. the tabulator hotkey comes in handy here!
apt search <text>Search for package name or description containing this. Don’t use spaces!
apt updateUpdate sources of new updates (doesn’t upgrade your system)
apt upgradeInstall system and app updates
flatpak install <name>Install a flatpak app. It works with internal names and will try to guess what you want.
flatpak search <name>Search your flatpak sources for an app.
flatpak updateUpdate all your flatpak apps
nano <filename>Comparably simple text editor. Use CTRL + O to save, CTRL + W to search, CTRL + C to cancel and CTRL + X to exit.

If you need help understanding the syntax, this is an example from page 25 that breaks down the different parts of a command.

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