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When moving from Apple to a free operating system you might want to keep usign the services you know, at least for a while to accomodate yourself to the changes. Given I neither used Apple services long enough nor have immediate access to Apple devices I recommend this video by the great Nick of “The Linux Experiment” channel. You can check him out on TILvids and Youtube.

A few additions from my side:

  • 2:20App-specific password for Apple Mail
  • 7:10iCloud photo downloader
  • 9:23“There simply is no way to access your iMessages on Linux.”
    • That is not correct. There is no free way, however you can use Beeper to access iMessage (among basically any other relevant messenger protocol) on any device including Android and Linux. This comes with a catch though – while it is really cool to have all chat apps (and therefore contacts) in one place, its subscription costs 10$ a month. On top of that, given the restrictive nature of Apple, you either need to have a Mac, an old phone or get one through the subscription to act as a message relay as described in this article. A more in-depth article about Beeper in general can be found here.
      Perhaps not the perfect solution, however still an awesome accomplishment to have something like this at all despite Apples restrictive behaviour.
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Regain Privacy – Your Computer [Linux Megaguide]
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