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Almost all browsers you know are compatible with Linux. However, since this is all about Privacy, see this as general recommendations towards browsers that are not privacy-intrusive.
Even if you see browsers like Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome (which is literally Spyware) available I strongly recommend to never use them. They do have a monetary incentive and therefore will act untrustworthy with your data, especially Google Chrome.


The classic choice if you want a trustworthy, reliable browser. Given the ridiculous amount of privacy-invading features in browsers like Chrome and Googles recent push to dictate how the internet will develop (towards more ad revenue for them) I highly recommend using this browser.


Tangram is not a browser in the classical sense, but one ideal to manage different web applications or networks. Think of it like standardized browser tabs that will always open your favourite websites – or all the tools you have to work with.

(Chromium based!)

Brave is another browser centered around enhanced privacy, however also features a huge amount of other features like crypto wallets. It is fast and reliable, unfortunately however it relies on Chromium and is therefore reliant on Googles decisions to a huge degree.


A strongly privacy-based Browser based on Firefox that adds additional security and privacy measures. Already comes with uBlock Origin and uMatrix plugins, the latter being more complex and perhaps not suited for the average user to configure beyond standard settings.


This is a new one I want to give some exposition. It is developed by a group of students in Japan and promotes itself as “a browser that seeks balance between versatility, privacy and web openness”.
Surely worth checking out.

(Chromium based!)

Coming with an included ad and tracker blocker, Vivaldi is offering quite some unique features. These include built-in apps like Mail client, a private translator, calendar and more. Similar to Firefox it also offers synchronisation with Vivaldi on your Smartphone, making it a great choice to discover.
Sadly it’s also reliant on Google Chromium.

Tor Browser

The simplest choice if you want to access the Tor network and surf almost anonymously. Is based on Firefox. Obviously only useful as long as you don’t login somewhere.

Epiphany / Web

Epiphany, or just “Web”, is the basic standard browser of the GNOME desktop environment. Since it is still a very basic browser most distros choose to not ship it and go with something more fleshed out like Firefox instead. However it will get you through the web with its included adblocker.

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