A series of articles covering as many aspects of digital life as possible and how to move to private, secure alternatives.

Buying Google-free Smartphones

Believe it or not, it is astonishingly easy to own a smartphone without immediately succumbing to the hunger for private data of big tech companies like Google or Apple. You only need either money or time, and the knowledge where to buy your next device. This is how you get there.

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Beginner’s Guide to Smartphone Flashing

Android device flashing probably is one of those things you heard about either for its ecological value, or as something only nerds do. And while both may be true, its financial benefits and the gain in knowledge about the device you may even use for hours each single day can not be underestimated. This guide is aimed at newcomers to give them all what they need to assume full control over their phone.

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Your Computer [Linux Megaguide]

This guide will give you everything you need to successfully try out and switch to a Linux operating system, completely focusing on how to do things graphically without or as few terminal commands as possible. Featuring 3 user-friendly distros, 15 hardware manufacturers and 195 Linux apps as well as lots of additional material.

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Your own private Cloud

A guide on open and private alternatives to corporate personal clouds. Protect your data from being analyzed, scanned by faulty AI to create equally faulty reports to law enforcement and your ad profile being sold to the highest bidder. [WIP]