Alternative apps: 3D Modelling & Printing

Fortunately for this category, given 3D printing is very open in its nature anyway you’ll find most software that’s commonly used on a Linux system too.

3D Modelling


Already being mentioned as great animation software, Blender very much is and stays the swiss army knife when it comes to anything 3D. Once mastered you can do anything you desire – there’s most likely even a plugin for slicing somewhere.


open-source parametric 3D modeler made primarily to design real-life objects of any size which also makes it ideal for modeling 3D prints.


A new and speedy 3D modeling software. Capable of creating rough 3D models based on photos of objects while applying a simple base texture to quickstart your work.


Other than the other tools, OpenSCAD isn’t 3D modeling but for 3D scripting. It “focuses on the CAD aspects”.

(Conversion & Fixing)

Useful to clean up models, fix geometry issues or convert your models from other formats into .stl.


Perhaps the simplest 3D modelling software you can get. Can be learned within a few minutes, given there are only few hotkeys to know and most gets done using your three mouse keys.



Probably the best well-known 3D printer / slicing software around. Works as you’d expect. Most recommended.


Formerly known as Slic3er Prusa Edition. Very capable und fully-featured slicing Software.


Slicing Software from Flashforge for use with its line of 3D printers.
While it hasn’t been put onto Flathub by Flashforge themselves, someone else is maintaining it for your convenience.

Printer Control:


In addition to slicing, Cura can also control 3D printers which is one of the reasons it’s so popular.


While Octoprint technically isn’t easily available for your Linux desktop as it is meant to run as a server on sth. like a Rasperry Pi, it still is the way to go. I strongly recommend checking out Octo4a, a version that is meant to run on an old Android smartphone with OTG capabilities – excellent way to upcycle such a device!

(highly technical)

An alternative host software to control the Open-Source RepRap 3D printer. As this is specifically for this project and you have to compile it on your own I assume you already know what you’re into with this. Here’s its github.

(highly technical)

Another Printer host software that requires you to be able to read and write Python3 code. As this is highly technical I can assume you’ll be able to read its github page. 😉

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